Global Laws for Vaping Legitimation


The conceptualization of vaping in the United States has been around since 1930 when Joseph Robinson obtained a patent for an electric vaporizer, but it’s unclear whether the device was ever manufactured. Throughout the decades, there are various inhalers proposals that worked with vaporization and physical propulsion methods until the first commercial e-cigarette took off […]

Vaping – A Journey Through Its History

Mage mech mod

While vaping seems to be the hot trend that has taken over in recent years, it actually has a long history. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians would use hot stones to create herb-infused steam. In India thousands of years ago, the first shisha was introduced. The Mayans would practice healing with steam infused with herbs. […]

The Flavors behind the Mino Pod System That Lift Your Mood

Mino pod

The inspiration of Mino Pod When a meteorite penetrates the atmosphere crashing into the earth, pieces of dust and debris hit Earth’s atmosphere until burning to ash. Just right there at that moment, a fantastic inspiration intrudes into the designer’s brain. – The stone is full of lightning-like lines, shining brightly for a visual feast […]