Vaporizing Marijuana, Is It a Good Choice Rather Than Smoking?

The global marijuana market is set to grow a staggering 38% to $16.9 billion in 2019. As more countries legalize cannabis, more people are beginning to experiment with different methods of enjoying this once illegal substance.

A logical progression is to try marijuana in a vape form. This is a great solution for those who want to use marijuana discreetly or for medical purposes. Vaping has also experienced explosive growth in popularity over the past few years.

But is vaping really better than the old school method of smoking?

Global Growth

Canada led the world by becoming the first industrialized country to legalize recreational cannabis use. This has opened up a whole new industry worth billions and brought marijuana out into the light. Today, there are 21 countries across the globe that have legalized marijuana.

For most countries, medical use has been the path to legalization. This makes it legal for those with certain medical conditions to use marijuana to treat their symptoms. Many of these people are more open to vaping since smoking requires them to inhale smoke, which is harmful to your lungs.

global vaping map

Image: Cannabis Business Times

These are countries that have legalized cannabis fully. Countries like the United States that have only decriminalized possession of small amounts are not included.

In the United States, individual states have led the way to make marijuana legal. The US Food and Drug Administration has also approved cannabis-derived drugs. Then last December President Trump signed the Farm Bill into law. This legalized hemp-based products and cannabidiol products for the entire country.

About two-thirds of states have legalized medical marijuana. There are ten of those states that have also approved adult consumption.

Moving into 2019 these numbers are set to jump in a really big way. There are several states that are on the verge of following the trend the legalization and either ending prohibition or allowing regulation for adult marijuana use.

For some of these states, the lawmakers in the office are the driving force behind this change. For other states, the public support has grown so much that the hold out politicians simply can’t stop progress any longer.

Some states that are likely to legalize this year are Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. As you can see, the legalization of marijuana is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

Benefits of Vaping Marijuana Rather Than Smoking

While marijuana has multiple benefits medically, there can be one big drawback, that’s inhaling smoke. No matter what, inhaling smoke isn’t good for your lungs. Introducing smoke to your lungs irritates the lung tissue and causes your lungs to seize. When this happens, your lungs can’t properly clean away mucus and any other contaminants.

  • Healthier

A healthier alternative is to vape your marijuana. Instead of burning the plant matter, you’re essentially boiling off the essential oils and cannabinoids. Now you get the benefits of the plant without the harmful effects of smoke.

  • Lower Temperatures

We’ve all seen the smoking devices that have ice notches. They are there to lower the temperature of the smoke for a more enjoyable experience. Vaping doesn’t get nearly as hot and stay in the range of 330 to 370 degrees.

This gives you a smoother inhale experience. It’s also gentler on your lungs.

vaping temperature

  • Greater Efficiency

No one is ever happy about wasting their marijuana. When you smoke, you immediately destroy 50% of the cannabinoids because of combustion. Then as you smoke 15% to 20% of the medical compounds get burned off. This is one of the lowest effective rates for cannabis delivery.

A study by John Hopkins Medicine showed that vaping cannabis produced stronger effects than smoking. They discovered that by vaping, a greater amount of the drug made it into the bloodstream when vaping.

  • Better Taste

Just like fine wine, marijuana comes in hundreds of strains, and they all have subtle variations in flavor profiles. These flavors are created by the terpenes that are found in the plant. They all have different boiling points.

This means that when you burn your marijuana, you’re probably destroying some of the more delicate flavors. By vaping your marijuana, you are using a lower temperature, and thereby preserving some of those more delicate flavor notes.

To boost the flavor, even more, you can adjust and fine-tune your vaporizer to bring out even more flavors. For example, the terpene beta-caryophyllene has a peppery aroma. You can release it when you lower your vaporizer temperature down to 246 degrees. While linalool, which has a more lavender scent,can be released at a higher temperature.

Mino pod

  • No Smell

The biggest problem with smoking is the smell. While marijuana may be getting legalized, that doesn’t mean that everyone is ok with it. The last thing you want is to wreak of marijuana and have those around you smell it and make judgments.

When you vape, you don’t have to worry about the smell. This lets you discreetly vape whenever and almost wherever you wish.

  • Customization

We’ve briefly mentioned customizing, but it is one of the biggest reasons to vape your marijuana. Adjusting the temperature can completely change your experience. It will release different flavors and scents. It will also change how strongly you feel the psychoactive effects of your cannabis.

  • Mild and mellow: 290 to 330 degrees
  • Recreational and manageable: 330 to 370 degrees
  • Heavy hitting and powerful: 370 to 445 degrees

Vaping marijuana at the lower temperatures will be gentler on your mouth and lungs when you inhale.

Devices for Vaping by CoilART

When looking for a vaping device, you want one made from high-quality materials. Look for vaping pens that have a fillable cartridge. You’ll also want one with adjustable temperature controls.

At CoilArt, we believe we produce the highest quality vaping products for different uses. We use quality materials and features that allow you to make adjustments for a custom vaping experience.

The Mino Pod is perfect for those looking to try out vaping. It’s small, so you’ll be able to be discreet. But it is also powerful so you’ll enjoy full flavor vapor.

The cartridge is refillable, so you can use whatever oil you want. You also don’t have to worry about filler products, which are common in prefilled vape pen options.

The pod is ergonomically designed to make it comfortable in your hand. Plus it comes in five beautiful designs so you can choose the look that suits your personality.

Mino pod

Another discreet option is the MAGE MECH Tricker Kit. This small vaping pen is easy to operate with the single push of a button. Plus it has a beautiful look with the multi-colored resin and brass.

You can adjust the airflow on the bottom so you can create a smooth pull. This is aided by two air slots for the maximum amount of airflow.

Also, we are working on the device for high-quality experience for vaping marijuana now. Look for CoilART marijuana vaping devices in the near future. More information will be provided on CoilART website:

mage mech tricker kit

Try Vaping Today

With more and more states legalizing marijuana, now is the perfect time to start to seek for the device to vape your marijuana. Let us wait for CoilART to bring a new device to elevate your experience with vaping marijuana.