In May 2018, CoilART released the 1st generation of LUX 200 mod and kit, which have been enjoying high reputation for the creative design of alternative single/dual batteries and double sideslip covers.

The new features of LUX 200

This time, we proudly release the new generation of LUX 200 mod and kit. In this generation, we add an all-new red mod. Also renewed is the sideslip panel: resin panel in 15 colors. Undoubtedly the comfortable and gorgeous new panel design will make vaping more interesting. Moreover, the new kit has the more powerful UFORCE T1 atomizer, which is surely reforming your vaping experience.

And below is the newest review video of CoilART LUX 200 mod by Friday Vape Club.

To get an overall understanding of LUX200, please visit the full review written by We Vape Mods.

Great appreciation of all your support on CoilART!