Cosmos’Visual Renovation– LUX 200 Kit

LUX 200

Cosmos is Chaos, the expanse of air, and the nether abyss, infinite darkness, but also it is mysterious, unpredictable and beautiful. This time, the new Visual Renovation from the cosmos comes to the earth, start your cosmos trip with our new LUX 200 Kit.

Revolutionary Appearance

LUX 200 Kit designed by Italian fashion designer Aligheri Petraca, he creates a new breathtaking appearance, Coilart utilizes iPhone technology, UV Printer Glass Panels and Faux-marble Resin Mesh Tanks on the LUX 200 Kit showcases. About the Atomizer, Coilart uses full resin molding with strong heat dissipation, will not easy to scald lips when you using. It has 5 Gorgeous Color can be chosen, let you be the center of the party!

Customized your own Kit

LUX 200 Kit can be customized the boot screen by yourself, and also you can download the software from website to adjust your mod’s interface, create a perfect Vape for you, and adjust it at any time.

Almost 100% Flavor Releasing

Single MESH coil, which is made by medical grade 316L stainless material and organic cotton from Hokkaido, Japan. It can make sure the e-juice atomization expeditiously, highly release e-juice taste, non-doped quality, making the rich flavor. Extra Squad Mesh coil inside packing can improve the taste.

20% Longer Service life

High-temperature resistant cotton, e-juice storage cotton and absorbing cotton. Three layers of cotton surrounded the wire, it can effectively prevent e-juice supply inadequate, wire overheated, and extend the service life by 20% at the same time. Save your money, keep the high quality.

200 Wattage Supported

Supported by 316L stainless steel material, 0.15 Ω wire can keep the resistance and output stable. A single wire can handle maximum 150W, while 200W on squad wire.

0.005-second firing speed, it is no needs to wait to enjoy your LUX 200 Kit.

Smoothly Airflow

Two 10x3mm airflows, 6mm inner diameter, and bottom inhale design to make airflow smoothly. It can prevent the e-juice from being turbulent when the e-juice is atomized.

Half circle twist for e-juice filling

Improved the top cap connector design, only half circle twist to take off the top cap, reduce the pressure change in the cabin to prevent leaking when you take the top cap off.

Now, put your hand on the new LUX 200 Kit, be the ONE in the cosmos