What Are RTA, RDA, RDTA and Sub-ohm Tanks?

So, you’re shopping for new vape devices and accessories, and you see all of these acronyms, RTA, RDA, RDTA, and sub-ohm. But what do they mean and how do they differ? We have the ultimate answers to all your questions right here!

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Technically, all rebuildable tanks are RTAs. But the acronym RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) has stuck to one particular type of system even as more varieties enter the market. There are three characteristics of an RTA:

  1. A deck for one or two coils
  2. A deck that sits under or in the middle of the tank
  3. A chimney and bell system that covers the deck and extends up to the drip tip

The small chamber around the deck creates vacuum pressure. This pressure aids the capillary action, so the juice moves faster. This makes the wicking action more efficient. This is especially true for higher powered applications.

The vapor will move up the chimney as it becomes more concentrated. Many users claim this creates a more concentrated and robust flavor.


The biggest benefit of these tanks is that you get great juice capacity, equivalent to a sub-ohm level. You also get high-quality flavor and clouds that are on par with RDA options. You can get the same benefits, but you won’t have to pay the same prices. RTA options tend to be cheaper than sub-ohm tanks.
When you have these tanks set up and working correctly, they are simply brilliant.


One thing to look out for with RTA tanks is that they can be tricky to set up. Depending on the brand you choose, they can leak a lot. You also have a higher risk of a dry hit when compared to RDA and sub-ohm tanks. With some experience and finesse, you can have your tank working great.

Try an RTA

If you want to try an RTA tank, the CoilART Mage RTA V2 in Black Golden is an excellent option. At $41.99 it is one of the more affordable tanks. This is a bargain, considering that the gold on this tank is real 24K gold plate.

There is a 3.5ml juice capacity, and it comes with a 5.5ml PCTG bubble tube included. The top lid with knurling design is easy to screw out. It has an 810-drip tip, making it widely compatible.

Mage RTA V2


An RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) is a type of RBA. These devices require the user to add the coils, wicks, and juice manually. There is a well in the bottom of the deck that the wicks drop into. These wells tend to be smaller than tanks, so you’ll need to replenish the juice to ensure the wicks don’t go dry.


The most noticeable benefit of RDA tanks is their rich, full flavor and clouds. This is the standard to strive for. They are also incredibly easy to use. Your wallet will also notice that the cotton and pre-made coils are super cheap.


One thing users aren’t fans of is the lack of capacity. You need to keep refilling the small juice wells. It also takes a bit of practice to master the wicking.

Try an RDA

If you want to try an RDA for yourself, consider the CoilART Azeroth RDA SS. At $34.99, it is affordable and guaranteed to impress. It has a 24mm diameter and a patented triple coil deck. There is a gold-plated 510 contact and 3×3 adjustable airflow.

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This is a newcomer to the vaping market and is quickly taking the industry by storm. RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. Many users and critics view it as the perfect combination of previous solutions. It has the functional features of an RDA and the capacity of the RTA.

The e-liquid is stored in an RDTA tank and uses the deck to drip the liquid onto the wick. The tank feature has a capacity similar to an RTA’s, while the drip action works like an RDA. It has

  1. A deck for one or two coils
  2. A deck that sits above the tank
  3. No chimney and bell system


As you can see, one of the biggest advantages is the large capacity for holding e-liquid. It can also produce glorious clouds of vapor that are sure to impress. Because it works like an RDA, you’ll have the same benefits of flavor enhancements. You can also adjust the coils for a custom experience.


One of the biggest downsides of the RDTA is that they are not compatible with all devices. It is also not user-friendly, so beginner vapers may want to hold off trying it until they gain some experience. Using the wrong amount of cotton is perhaps the most common mistake that people make when wicking coils. You cannot just put the long cotton into the oil tank to lead the oil to the coil. If you operate like this, the oil-defecting distance will be too long. After half tank of the oil has been finished, the oil defecting speed will become slower. The oil in the cotton cannot be deflected completely and is difficult to deal with. Also, the process of refilling the oil tank can be a daunting task for most people.

Try an RDTA

The CoilART Azeroth RDTA 24MM 4.0ML Gold is one of the best RDTA options on the market. You’ll love its beautiful styling of black and 24K gold plating. Only the highest quality materials are used, including food-grade Pyrex glass and SUS304 stainless steel.


Sub-ohm Tank

This is the most common type of tank used, and you’ve probably already tried one. They are easy to use and come in a variety of price points. They are convenient because they are pre-made coils that you buy separately from the tank.

The coils are already packed with wire and cotton. Your mod will heat them, and the vapor gets produced.


Sub-ohm tanks are perfect for beginners because they do not require any manual tinkering by the user. With better quality tanks, you’ll get great clouds and flavor with minimal effort. Because they are the most user-friendly and a highly popular option, you have a ton of options to choose from. There is also no worry of leaking since you don’t have to drip e-liquid.


Depending on the option you buy, they can be quite expensive. You’ll also find that some have coils that burn out quite quickly. This will contribute to higher costs. Since 99% of the issues you’ll experience are due to the coils, you can avoid this by only buying high-quality sub-ohm tanks. Sub-ohm tanks are not for use with mechanical mods.

Try a Sub-ohm Tank

If you would like to try a sub-ohm tank, go for the CoilART MAGE Subtank in Black Golden. It is incredibly affordable at just $28.99.

In keeping true to the user-friendliness of a sub-ohm tank, this 810-drip tip is easy to screw out with a top-lid knurling design. You’ll get plenty of use between each refilling with the 4ml juice capacity. Inside the tank, there is a mesh coil 0.2Ω.

You can also have complete customization when it comes to looks. Choose from the sleek black golden, bold black red, and cool black blue.

MAGE subtank

Customize Your Vaping

So which tank is right for you? If you are new to vaping, it is safe to stick with a standard sub-ohm tank. They are the easiest to operate.

If you have some experience, then it’s time to move on to the rebuildable tanks. You could start with an RDA and then move on to the RTA or RDTA.

Now it is the time to customize your vape experience by shopping our extensive inventory of high-quality tanks.