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CoilART Participated in the 2019 IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo with 3 New Vape Products Released

coilart at ecig expo

2019 IECIE eCig Expo was held in Shenzhen from April 14 to 16 and brought the latest trends to the e-cig industry. Starting from 2015, IECIE-Shenzhen has become the most influential vape expo in the world, which covers upstream (accessory supply chain) and downstream (end products and e-commerce solutions) of the industry. It is devoted […]

Vaporizing Marijuana, Is It a Good Choice Rather Than Smoking?

vaping VS smoking

The global marijuana market is set to grow a staggering 38% to $16.9 billion in 2019. As more countries legalize cannabis, more people are beginning to experiment with different methods of enjoying this once illegal substance. A logical progression is to try marijuana in a vape form. This is a great solution for those who […]