What to Consider When Choosing a SubOhm Box Mod

In recent years, the SubOhm vaping trend has steadily grown and taken over the vaping market. But what is SubOhm mod, and why is it so popular?

Overview of SubOhm Vaping

SubOhm mod vaping is when the coil has a resistance that is lower than one “ohm,” which is a unit of electrical resistance. When the resistance is lower, the current flows more freely.

This is useful in vaping because the free-flowing electricity through the coil creates more heat, which in turn vaporizes more of your e-juice. More e-juice vaporizing means better flavor and bigger clouds.

Choosing a SubOhm Box Mod

When comparing SubOhm box mods, you’ll want to make sure that the device you are considering is actually meant for SubOhm vaping. Look at the coil resistance and make sure that it is below 1 Ohm. You also need to check that the wattage is high enough; anything 30 or greater is good.

For better control, you should also look for one that has other customizable features. Adjustable temperature, wattage, and voltage are all of the features that you need. Remember, you need high wattage abilities if you want to produce those impressive clouds of vapor.

You should also look at the battery life of the device. Rechargeable batteries are convenient. Superfast charging is also a convenient feature.

The final thing you need to consider is safety. A regulated box mod is going to provide you with the safety features you need to have a quality vaping experience.

Why You Should Choose a Box Mod?

For many vaping enthusiasts, using a box mod is an upgrade from the vape pen. Despite it being a bit bigger, there are many benefits to using a regulated box mod. First, there is the noticeably longer battery life.

Then, there is the increased customization and control over your experience. This lets you create impressive clouds of vapor. Now you can experience the perfect hit every time.

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Then, there is the battery life that lasts 20% longer than other comparable box mods. Plus, there is a whole host of safety features, including protection for vaping overtime, over-temperature, output overcurrent, overcharge, over-discharge, and short-circuiting.

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