Which is a Better Vape Box Mod: Regulated Box Mod or Mech Mod?

Have you ever wondered how some people get those glorious huge plumes of vapor? Or how you can enhance the flavor of your favorite e-liquid? The answer is a vape mod box.

Box mods vape are the next step for most vaping enthusiasts as they become more experienced and their tastes more refined. They offer users innovative advancements in the vape experience by offering longer battery life, larger e-liquid tanks, and advanced customization capabilities.

But not all box mods are the same. If you want to move from e-cigarettes to box mods, you need to understand the different types and what they can do for you.

Types of Vape Mods

There are two different types of vape mods: mechanical and box mods. Box mods are what most vapers are familiar with. Mechanical mods have been around from the start but haven’t been able to compete with the more sophisticated box mods.

1. Mechanical Mods

You may hear mechanical mods referred to as “unregulated.” These mods don’t have any electronic circuitry, sensors, or controllers. This means that their internal functions are purely mechanical.

These mods use a battery to directly heat the coil and turn the liquid to vapor. There are no controls to adjust any of the settings. This simple design is best for users who know what they’re doing, because if you want to adjust something, you need to take it apart and replace the individual parts. You need to understand how power flows from the battery, the resistance within the coil, and how the e-liquid turns to vapor when exposed to heat.

The Struggle with the Mechanical Mod

One of the biggest disadvantages of mechanical mods is their danger factor. There is no guarantee that what you have is safe. It’s easy for a user who doesn’t know what they are doing to pair incompatible parts.

If you pair a high-powered battery with a low-resistance coil, you have a recipe for disaster. Instead of the huge plumes of vapor that you hope for, you’ll end up with an explosion.

Worst of all, there is no warning that your battery is about to die. The atomizer will continue to accept the flow of power even though the battery is heading to the red zone. So, as the battery dies, your vape experience will get weaker and weaker.

2. Box Mods

These are the mods that the majority of vapors are familiar with on the market today. They are a sophisticated innovation from the days when mechanical mods were the only option. Today’s box mods offer increased power and performance while still being safe.

There are two forms of box mods. One is called adjustable and lets users adjust the wattage. The second type is fixed and doesn’t offer variable voltage.

Both types of box mods have built-in safety features to prevent shorting and overheating. This lets users make adjustments with a safety net to protect them.

Today’s modern box mods come with full electronics, programming, and circuitry. Years ago, they were unreliable, but these days you can depend on them to functionreliably.

The Innovations of the Box Mod

One of the most significant benefits of box mods is that they use electronics to monitor the performance of the different components. This will both improve your vaping experience and protect you from malfunctions.

Some box mods let you replace individual components and not have to worry about calculating the battery power and resistance. You don’t necessarily need to replace the components to create a custom experience. Many box mods come with several adjustable features.


Comparing the Aspects of the Mechanical Mod and Box Mod

When comparing these two types of mods, it comes down to what the user is looking for. Mechanical mods are simpler to work on but have a degree of risk. Box mods offer more customization in a user-friendly package.

1. Design

Box mods tend to be bulkier, but there is a benefit to this. That extra bulk is because it needs to hold more. Manufacturers have gotten creative with the exterior design. You can find box mods in countless colors and patterns.

2. Durability

Mechanical mods tend to be more durable, because they have a simpler structure that is made out of brass, copper, or stainless steel. Box mods are slightly more susceptible because of the number of electronics involved.

However, we should note that many manufacturers have taken this into account and installed protections. This means that box mods can be quite durable and withstand the drops and bumps of everyday life.

3. Battery Life

Box mods tend to use a lot of power because of the electronics involved. But, thanks to innovations in technology, they now use batteries that last longer than ever. They also have battery regulators to ensure there is no wasted power. Depending on the settings you use, you could use minimal battery power and have extended battery life.

Mechanical mods do not have any regulators, so you are using full battery power all of the time. This will cause your battery to run down and die relatively quickly. Then, they will take longer to charge because they lack the quick-charge technology that many box mods have.

4. Safety – Regulated box mods VS Mechanical box mods

Regulated box mods are the safest devices you can use. They have regulators that detect and prevent problems.

Mechanical mods can be quite dangerous. These are the mods that you hear of blowing up in people’s faces. When this happens, it’s because the user combined the wrong components and created a dangerous situation.

5. Price

In general, the mechanical mod is more affordable than the others. It has a simplified design when compared to the box mod and its internal electronics. However, box mods are well worth the price when you consider all of the features that are packed in.

6. The material

If you are interested in Wooden box mod. Here is a good article regarding the comparison between wooden regulated box mod and wooden mechanical box mods.


Try Out a Box Mod


It should be evident by now that the box mod is the better choice. It offers full functionality right out of the box. Both beginners and experienced users alike appreciate the customizability.

If you want to experience a box mod for yourself, then check out the Lux 200 luxury mod kit. This regulated box mod looks beautiful and comes in five unique designs. But it isn’t all looks and no substance.

You can adjust the wattage to up to 200W of output power. Then, adjust the coil resistance in the available range of .05 to 3 Ohms. Combined with the .005 firing speed, you’ll have full, dense clouds of full, rich flavor.

An internal,smart-eagle chip provides innovative technology that gives you complete control. It also offers several safety features.

  • Battery anti-reverse protection
  • Vaping overtime protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Output overcurrent protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • No-device protection
  • Different brand battery-balance charger

One standout feature of the LUX 200 Luxury Mod Kit is the micro-USB cable. You can plug your box mod into your computer and download the latest firmware updates. This means you can upgrade your box mod by merely plugging it in. You can also charge it this way.

Enjoy the smooth airflow through the 6mm inner diameter. The two 10 x 3mm airflows reduce the risk of having a dry hit and extend the life of the coil.

If you want to know more about the best box mod in 2019, you should check this blog which introduce the best box mod in 2019!

Customize your vaping experience with your own LUX200 box mod.