How Does a Box Mod Work?

If you are new to vaping, you will quickly realize that there are several different types of devices available. One of the most popular is a box mod. These vaping devices are shaped like a box instead of the traditional pen style, also called vape box mod kit.

This gives these vaping devices plenty of space for improvement and innovation. Users can get many benefits from a box mod that they cannot get from a vape pen, including longer battery life, better cloud production, and better overall control.

Box Mod Components

The best way to get the most from your box mod is to understand how it works. A battery connects with an atomizer and fires the coil at your desired temperature at all times. This heating action turns the e-liquid in the reservoir tank from liquid to vapor. E-liquid comes in countless flavors and nicotine levels.

Most quality and the best box mods on the market today use a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. When it comes to the tank, you have a variety of options, including RTA, RDA, RDTA, and sub-ohm.

The coils do a lot of the heavy lifting for the vape action. They come in a variety of materials, each providing a unique vaping experience. Commonly used materials include nichrome (NI80), nickel (NI200), stainless steel, khantal, and titanium. Some of the most recent devices permit a control of the temperature of the coil, through the temperature control (TC) mode.Temperature Control (TC) is the mode through which the box/mod regulates the intensity in order to keep the coil at a temperature that is defined by the user.

Box Mod Features

By using a vape box mod, you can better regulate the temperature. This lets you optimize your vaping experience by never worrying about overheating or dry hits. You can adjust the power and wattage, too. By increasing the wattage, you can create a more intense experience so you can achieve a better throat hit.

If you love to express your personal style, then a box mod is perfect for you. Because a separate atomizer holds the liquid, you have complete customization abilities.

Try LUX200 Box Mod

Try out a box mod for yourself with one of the best on the market. The LUX200 box mod kit offers the latest in technological innovation. It has the fastest and most stable firing speed at .005 seconds. You’ll enjoy large dense clouds full of rich flavor.


The lUX200 box mod uses the Eagle Chip, which is a senior chip technology similar to what is used in Qualcomm’s smartphone. You can easily upgrade your box mod with a simple software update. Each chip is protected with block chain encryption security. You will also enjoy a variety of other built-in features, such as

  • Battery anti-reverse protection
  • Vaping overtime protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Output overcurrent protection
  • Over-charge protection
  • Over-discharge protection
  • Max 200 wattage
  • Mesh coil

Choose from five different gorgeous colors to give your box mod a unique look that expresses your personal style.

Customize your vaping experience with your own LUX200 box mod.