2019’s Best Box Mods

Before purchasing a vape box mod, it is crucial to understand the features that they contain, whether you are a beginner or an advanced vaper. This blog will provide you with important vape terms, explaining the differences between different vape mods. We’ve also provided lists of vape mods to tell both new and advanced vapers about the latest and greatest mods of 2019. CoilART’s mission is to keep you informed about vaping so that you make the right choice with your next purchase.

What are vape mods, box mods, and mechanical mods? How do you tell the difference?

You need to understand the difference between mods, as their features do vary quite a bit. A vape mod is a large device with advanced features to give you high vapor production. These features include larger batteries, more e-liquid, and a higher wattage. A box mod is a boxy, handheld device that gives power to a vaping atomizer using rechargeable batteries. Box mods have a button that triggers the atomizer to vaporize e-liquid through an instant-heating coil. Once the button is released, the power is cut off from the atomizer. The regulated box mod comes with circuitry and different types of built-in protection mechanisms (e.g., overheating protection), allowing it to reach at least 200W. Unregulated box mods may contain some protective features but do not allow for wattage adjustments or other advanced features. Box mods made with no chips or wiring are called “mechanical mods,” which are a type of unregulated box mods that are meant for advanced vapers who understand battery safety and accept the lack of protective features.

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Three Common Reasons Why Beginners Should Consider Avoiding Unregulated Box Mods

Beginners should acknowledge the less-advanced features that come with unregulated box mods when weighing their vape options at purchase. Unregulated box mods do not allow for wattage or voltage adjustments, but, rather, the battery charge determines the amount of voltage. This could cause too much voltage, giving the product a burnt taste, or not enough voltage if it’s on a low battery. Unregulated box mods are for advanced users who have a great understanding of vaping and accept the lack of safety features. Since there aren’t options to adjust power and there is no circuitry, the vaper needs to know how long to use coil resistance before it overheats the battery, causing the mod to implode. A temperature-regulated and wattage- and voltage-controlled vape, found in regulated box mods, is recommended for beginners.

The Five Best Box Mods of 2019 as Rated by 10,000 Users (For Advanced Vapers)

The Lux 200 has a rapid firing speed of 0.005 seconds, giving you that quick heating, rich flavor, and denser cloud feature that you want. You are free to set your wattage up to a maximum of 200W. It also protects against battery anti-reverse, vaping overtime, over-temperature, output overcurrent, overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuit. It comes with a mesh coil, has a 20% longer usage time, smooth airflow, no leaking and full resin molding. Its refilling system makes it easy to fill, and the leak-proof slot can prevent any leaking problems. The Lux 200 supports its firmware upgrading and recharging through an included USB.

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The thread of the VGOD Elite Mech can connect the atomizer to the battery cathode, which will improve conductivity and lower resistance. Its fire button is at the bottom of the mod with a built-in design, making it convenient to use. The spring, located inside the button, expands according to the capacity of the battery. The VGOD Elite Mech contains five holes on its side to prevent explosions and ensure safety.

The Tesla Invader III 240 W is integrated with a proprietary chipset that can reach up to 240W with a resistance as low as 0.1. It allows for voltage adjustment, has an oversized firing button, and has a compact Hi-Tech composite finish, making it stand out from other box mods.

The Lost Vape Paranormal 200W DNA250C is one of the first vape devices to implement the new DNA250C Chip, while still maintaining its one-of-a-kind design. Its most impressive function is its “replay” option, which allows the user to save and replay their favorite flavor puff. It also contains a setting called “boost,” which increases the power output at the start of a puff.

The MAGE 217 Box Mod has a unique design that suits its advanced features. It has a max wattage of 217, features that self-adjust battery contact, and a 510 spring-loaded connector. Its screen displays data to the user, and the three-button control makes it easy to use. It contains a magnetic battery access door at the bottom of the device, which makes changing the battery very convenient.



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Top Five Best Cheap Box Mods for Sale Under $40 in 2019 (For Beginners)

The Eleaf iStick brings the popular Pico design to the two-battery vape world. Its two 18650 batteries will give you twice the power and 200W. It provides a wattage mode with a precision temperature control setting. It also has a pre-heat function and a puff counter to manage your inhales, which is a great option for beginners. You can charge your electronics, using your Eleaf iStick with an RC adapter that connects directly to your 510 connection, providing you with 1.5 amps of fast charging.

This fantastic mod has multiple modes that allow you to vape the way you want. The dual 18650 batteries give you long-lasting power. Its design provides the user with a comfortable grip that helps prevent it from slipping out of your hands. This mod uses the IWEPAL chip, providing a safe power output for beginners.

This 80-watt starter kit is a sleek work of art, with one of the fastest firing speeds on the market, at 10 milliseconds. It features an outstanding 3000 mAh rechargeable internal battery. The OBS will give you an epic cloud production (M6 coil) and a fuller flavor (M1 coil), bringing you an advanced mod that is perfect for beginners or advanced vapers.

Don’t be fooled by the small structure of this mod, because its execution is quite impressive. It contains a 18650 battery that lets it give you 75 watts of power. It contains modes of variable wattage, bypass, TCR, and temperature. If you thought this small device couldn’t do anymore, then you must not know that it boasts onboard charging and that its firmware is upgradeable, making this an impressive mod.

The GreekVape Nova mod is an aesthetically built device that contains the advanced AS Chipset. It features an outstanding temperature control suite and 200 watts of maximum power. It also has Onyx Resin side panels and an OLED screen to top off its sleek design.

Top Five Rated Small-Box Mods

The Wismec RX Mini gives the user 80 watts of power and contains Wismec’s signature OLED with a stacked display. It offers 2100mAh of battery capacity and has oil resistance from 0.1 to 3.5 ohms. Its calibrated temperature control suite will allow you to control coils to your liking. This mod features impressive power and circuit protections, giving the user a fulfilling experience.

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The Drag Mini offers a built-in 4400mAh battery, which is the same as two 18650 batteries, giving you longer battery life. This mod is extremely portable and charges quickly, giving you the convenience you want. It has an OLED screen, showing you your battery life, current mode, voltage, and wattage. It gives you 117W of power and the new GENE.FIT Chipset.

Kanger TOGO gives you a modest draw with an immense amount of flavor. It contains a 1600mAh battery, which makes it perfect for beginners who want to charge the vape less often. Its structure has a leak-proof feature and a 1.0ohm resistance replacement coil built with NiChrom wire. Its shape and size make it perfect to carry while you’re on the go.

This vape mod provides a pocket-sized device that can be fired up to 40 watts and features temperature control. It contains a 1100mAh battery, giving the user good battery life and the ability to charge over a USB cable. This mini-box mod will impress the user with its sleek style and its vapor production.

SnowWolf is a high performing mod with an edgy artistic design at a reasonable price. It delivers up to 100 watts with its single 18650 configurations. SnowWolf has paired this device with their Wolf Mini-Sub Ohm tank, which will give you the most power this device has to offer.

Top Five Wooden Box Mods on Sale

The APC V2 is a specially designed mod that is very convenient to carry and use. It contains two 18650 batteries, and both battery and automizer sides have a reverse protection function, making it very safe. It also features a 16-gauge contact wire. Its design is not only elegant but lightweight, giving you simple yet powerful functions.

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5Gvape Supercar Squonk is a high-end device powered by a single 18650 battery. It can hold up to 8ml of juice, and its size makes it portable and easy to use. The door to the juice tube slides conveniently up and down and is sturdy enough that it won’t rattle or move. The squonk hole and brand design are carved to perfection, finishing off this beautiful mod.

This high-quality mod comes with a 510 adaptive electrode to meet the different heights of the atomizer. It contains a 12ml juice bottle, a bronze silver-plated contact piece, and a quick igniter. Its resistance starts at 0.1 ohm, and the mod supports 1pc 18650 or 20700 battery, giving you a powerful output.

The Commando Box is an innovative mod made from exquisite two-tone wood. The mod includes full copper battery contacts, giving you low-voltage drop and high conductivity. It includes an engraving on its 510 top caps and a wooden button for aesthetics.

The Tesla Invader II E is a mod made from wood and metal, with a design that has a slot for each finger, making it easily handheld. It has a minimum resistance of 0.1ohm, MOFSET internal protection, and two 18650 batteries, giving it great power output.


As this blog has shown, box mods vary drastically in structure, size, design, and power output. Don’t worry about your choices. Depending on whether you are an advanced or beginner vaper, your requirements for a vape might vary. If you are new to the vaping world, you might want to start off with a mod like the iJoy Mystique 162 TC Vape Mod, because it is regulated with safety features and the IWEPAL chip, to ensure that beginners won’t have to take precautions beyond their vaping knowledge. Then, there are vapes like the OBS Cube 80W TC Vape Mod that is perfect for both beginner and advanced vapers. All of the other unregulated box mods listed, such as the LUX 200, are designed to be used by advanced vapers. Without proper knowledge about mods, you could have a malfunction that only an advanced vaper would be able to prevent.

CoilART’s goal is to help give both new and advanced vapers knowledge about important vaping features and which vape is right for them with our experience. If you have any further questions, please contact cs@coilart.net or send messages to our Facebook and Instagram. We will provide a quick response to your inquiry!

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