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Coming This Summer: The Hottest Box Mods by JoyNabis


Scientists and researchers are finding new benefits from vaping CBD every day. As more benefits are discovered, more people are turning to vape as the ideal method for taking CBD. This is encouraging companies to innovate new methods to help their customers enjoy vaping. One company that is leading the global vape industry in innovation […]

10 Unexpected Benefits of Cannabis You Might Not Know About

10 Unexpected Benefits of Cannabis

Medical marijuana may seem like a trendy phrase from a hot-button topic, but it is actually a well-established form of medical treatment. The United States Pharmacopeia listed it from 1850 through 1942. Doctors prescribed it for everything from labor pains to nausea. It wasn’t until recreational use of the drug grew in popularity that its […]

CoilART Participated in the 2019 IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo with 3 New Vape Products Released

coilart at ecig expo

2019 IECIE eCig Expo was held in Shenzhen from April 14 to 16 and brought the latest trends to the e-cig industry. Starting from 2015, IECIE-Shenzhen has become the most influential vape expo in the world, which covers upstream (accessory supply chain) and downstream (end products and e-commerce solutions) of the industry. It is devoted […]

Vaporizing Marijuana, Is It a Good Choice Rather Than Smoking?

vaping VS smoking

The global marijuana market is set to grow a staggering 38% to $16.9 billion in 2019. As more countries legalize cannabis, more people are beginning to experiment with different methods of enjoying this once illegal substance. A logical progression is to try marijuana in a vape form. This is a great solution for those who […]

Global Laws for Vaping Legitimation

vape law

The conceptualization of vaping in the United States has been around since 1930 when Joseph Robinson obtained a patent for an electric vaporizer, but it’s unclear whether the device was ever manufactured. Throughout the decades, there are various inhalers proposals that worked with vaporization and physical propulsion methods until the first commercial e-cigarette took off […]

Vaping – A Journey Through Its History

Mage mech mod

While vaping seems to be the hot trend that has taken over in recent years, it actually has a long history. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians would use hot stones to create herb-infused steam. In India thousands of years ago, the first shisha was introduced. The Mayans would practice healing with steam infused with herbs. […]